18th International 1001 Documentary Film Festival Has Been Postponed

Life does not follow a predictable path in Turkey. Lynch mobs are becoming common place. We are witnessing an extraordinary period. Yet the people remain unprotected. We are witnessing the loss of life, curfews and organized mass violence. Terror seems to have taken over. The toxic environment formed by the upcoming election is adding to the unknowns. Our festival has more obstacles to overcome than ever before.

We believe in the power of documentary film for promoting peace and democracy within the public; we, however, doubt that our viewers and colleagues would be able to assemble under such dire conditions. Many of our international invitees have also expressed their inability to join us in this period.

Unfortunately realities may sometimes override our dreams. We have therefore decided to postpone the 1001 Documentary Film Festival to after the November 1st elections, a date that will have a significant impact on our country. We have also decided to discuss alternative ways for documentaries to reach their audience and hope to meet film lovers with a more "extrovert" festival.

We apologise for the inconvenience this might cause to all of the festıval goers. He would like to thank the selected films' crews and our panel guests for their understanding, our gratitude also extends to our main sponsor, the municipality of Kadikoy and our other partners.

Preparations are ongoing.

The program for the 18. THE 18TH INTERNATİONAL 1001 DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL will be announced shortly.

The Festival Committee.

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